Nilo Pedrazzini

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Research Associate


Nilo is a Research Assistant in corpus-based digital humanities within the Living with Machines project. He holds a BA in Russian and English from the University of Pavia (Italy) and an MSt in Slavonic Studies (Serbian and early Slavic) from the University of Oxford, where he is currently undertaking his DPhil in Linguistics. He specialises in corpus linguistics and the syntax-semantics interface, focussing on the computational modelling and statistical analysis of historical Indo-European languages.

He has taught general linguistics at the University of Oxford and digital humanities at King’s College London. He is also Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Open Humanities Data and Fellow at RROx, the Oxford network of the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN). 

At the Turing, Nilo works on the development of methods for querying large historical corpora at scale and tracking changes in linguistic phenomena. This includes implementing natural language processing techniques to translate insights from data into methodological and historical insights, particularly through diachronic language modelling.

Research interests

Nilo is particularly interested in the adaptation of computational methods from outside the humanities, to humanities research. He is also interested in the application of natural language processing techniques to humanities and social sciences questions.