Dr Owen Rackham

Owen Rackham


Theme Lead in Cell and Molecular Medicine

Partner Institution


Owen Rackham is an Associate Professor of Systems biology at the University of Southampton, where he leads an interdisciplinary team working on combining artificial intelligence with high-throughput biology to further our understanding of health and fight disease. At the Turing, he is the Theme Lead for Cell and Molecular Medicine, focused on how we can best utilise the revolutions in data and life sciences to improve health across the UK.

He obtained a PhD in Complexity Sciences (Bristol, 2012) before becoming an MRC career development fellow at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre at Hammersmith hospital.

He is an Adjunct Professor at Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore and the Co-founder of Mogriy Limited, a data-driven cell therapy company based in Cambridge, UK.


Research interests

Owen’s work focuses on developing computational approaches for cell reprogramming and disease-gene association. His group works on identifying key regulators that can control cell fate to find novel routes for cell conversion or targeted therapies. He has extensive expertise in high-throughput sequencing data, biological network analysis, statistics and the use of AI applied to genomics and transcriptomics data.