Healey is Professor of Human Interaction and Head of the Cognitive Science Research Group in the School of Electronic Engineering, Queen Mary, University of London. He recently served as Senior Researcher in Residence at the Digital Catapult and as 2016 International Visiting Chair in Empirical Foundations of Linguistics at Sorbonne Cite / Paris 7. Healey's research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of human-human interaction and the development of technologies that can enable richer, more effective forms of communication.

Research interests

Healey is pursuing three projects with the Turing Institute: 1. To develop new forms of adaptive learning that gives machines the ability to adapt their communication in real-time to different people and different situations, just as people can. 2. To analyse the ways in which people use cues such as hand shape, gaze and pressure sensitivity to hand things to each other. This will help inform the design of collaborative robots. 3. To explore the development of a personal data question register as a non-technical solution to the problems of transparency and accountability in the use of personal data.