Dr Petar Milin

Petar Milin


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Petar Milin is a Senior Lecturer in the psychology of language and language learning at the School of Language, Cultures, Art History and Music, University of Birmingham. Before taking up his current post at the University of Birmingham he worked at universities in the UK, Germany and Serbia. 

Research interests

His primary research interests are concentrated in areas concerned with understanding the crucial role of learning in human language, its behaviour and use. He also has secondary research interests which relate to understanding probabilistic phenomena in language. These include problems that relate to quantifying text, characterising style, determining authorship, measuring vocabulary richness and similar issues.

He works with the Out Of Our Minds team towards an in-depth understanding of how language knowledge emerges from usage, and how understanding this process can be used to devise more natural ways of learning a foreign language in adults. He has also published widely on word or lexical processing.

Methodologically, his work combines experimentation and computational modelling with advanced statistical data analysis. He is particularly interested in algorithms that learn from data in a cognitively (that is, biologically) realistic fashion.