Philip has been Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at the University of Southampton since 2016, and since then has been working in mathematical modelling of stem cell dynamics and using statistical inference of cell lineage data to determine the rules of stem cell fate.

Philip received his PhD in Theoretical Physics in 2010 from the University of the Saarland, Saarbruecken, Germany, with a project in mathematical/computational modelling of intra-cellular transport. He went on to work as Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Edinburgh 2010-2012 further expanding his expertise in mathematical modelling of various biomedical problems (intracellular transport, evolution of antibiotic resistance, antibiotic mode of action). From 2013-2016 Philip was postdoctoral researcher at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, during which Philip started modelling of stem cell dynamics on cell lineage data from mouse oesophagus under Notch-inhibition and in oesophageal tumours.

Research interests

Philip is working with cell lineage data coming from tracing the progeny of stem cells in adult mouse tissues (mammary gland, oesophagus, brain), and with corresponding high-dimensional single-cell transcriptomics data, which characterises cells via their RNA content. Philip using mathematical/computational modelling and statistical (Bayesian) inference to determine the ways how stem cells divide and differentiate, and how this affects the composition of tissue, and the risk of developing cancer. In that work, Philip works with experimental collaborators from Southampton, Cambridge, and Turin, Italy, who do cell lineage tracing experiments with mice that provide the data which, together with mathematical modelling/statistical inference, helps to acquire deep insights about how stem cells build tissues.

Achievements and awards

Philip has hold a fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Service from 2010-2012, a German Research Society Fellowship from 2013-2014, and an Associated Fellowship of Clare Hall College, Cambridge.