Dr Riccardo Di Clemente

Riccardo Di Clemente


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Dr. Riccardo Di Clemente is a Lecturer in Data Science at University of Exeter in the department of Computer Science, he has been Newton International Fellow of the Royal Society at University College London UCL at the Centre for Advance Spatial Analysis (CASA). Riccardo worked as Postdoctoral Associate at MIT on a project funded by the Gates Foundation and the UN to develop new methodologies using Complex systems and Computational Science tools to analyse credit card data and discover new patterns in peoples’ socio-economic behaviours.

As a researcher, Riccardo career has focused on the development of critical multidisciplinary approaches to socio-economic data analysis. His research extends beyond academic outcomes and aims to impact the mainstream – using new tools and big data analysis to enable optimally-informed decisions in the realms of public policy-making and business.

Research interests

The aim of his research is to understand and quantify, using mobile phone data, the relationship between the features of human mobility and the social interactions which lead to the socio-economic structures observed in cities. His research tackles some of the most important and pressing socio-economic questions which are identified through a continuous meaningful interaction with policymakers and companies, as well as academically advancing the frontier of big data analysis.