Professor Ronaldo Menezes

Ronaldo Menezes


Turing Fellow

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Ronaldo Menezes is a Professor of Data and Network Science and head of the Computer Science department at the University of Exeter, and Director of the BioComplex Laboratory.  His research interests include Network Science, Human Dynamics and Mobility, Complex Systems, and Urban Systems. He has spent 18 years in academia in the USA before moving to the University of Exeter in late 2018. His lab has received funding from the National Science Foundation (USA), Army Research Office (USA), CAPES (Brazil), FUNCAP (Brazil), to name a few. 

Research interests

He has relevant skills in modelling human mobility and spatio-temporal data analysis, as evidenced by several publications including an extensive survey  entitled “Human mobility: Models and applications”, a new model to capture human patterns called “The Effect of Recency to Human Mobility” and several other works in which human mobility modelling is used as a framework for solving real-world applications such as “social influence”,  “sensor networks”, and “crime prediction”. He’s deeply involved with the research community in Human Mobility and Network Science as member of the steering committee of CompleNet and a board member of NetSci Society. He is also the co-editor-in-chief of one of the main journals in the field: Applied Network Science published by Springer Nature.