Rosamund Powell

Rosamund Powell


Ethics Research Assistant


Rosamund is an Ethics Research Assistant within the public policy programme.

She has a BA in Natural Sciences and MSc in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (first class) from the University of Cambridge. During her Masters, Rosamund’s work focused on the social history of Artificial Intelligence. Her graduate dissertation uncovered details of the first known conference dedicated to the social implications of machine intelligence.

Prior to joining the Turing, Rosamund was a researcher with the Institute of AI working in the office of a UK MP. In this role, she worked closely with a growing network of global legislators to facilitate international collaboration on the regulation of emerging technologies.

Research interests

Rosamund’s research draws on her background in the history and philosophy of science. Her past research has focused in particular on the intersection of AI with social justice, the ethics of digital mental health technologies, and the origins of AI ethics.

Rosamund is also interested in supporting policymakers and parliamentarians in the UK and internationally in their work to regulate emerging technologies. Finally, she is interested in communicating research results to wider audiences, for example through video, as was the case in the Advancing Data Justice film series.