Ruben Sanchez Garcia is Associate Professor in Pure and Applied Mathematics at the University of Southampton. He did an undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the Universidad de Málaga (Spain), has a PhD from the University of Southampton, and held postdoctoral positions at the University of Sheffield  and Düsseldorf (Germany).

He has a pure mathematics background in Algebraic Topology, although he is working in the interface between pure and applied mathematics, particularly network science and applied topology. His interdisciplinary work includes collaborations with other mathematicians, physicists, power engineers, medics, biologists, and academics in business and risk management.

He is founding member of TopMD, which uses topological methods to identify pathological molecular pathways from gene expression data.

Research interests

In his Turing Pilot Project, Dr Sanchez Garcia combines recent advances in data analytics and network modelling to identify combinations of genes that oscillate in a coordinated way (gene oscillators) from noisy experimental data. Genetic oscillators have important roles in regulating the timing of cellular dynamics and detecting them is essential to correctly identify cell types and transitions between cell states.