Ryuichi Kanai

Ryuichi Kanai


Visiting Researcher

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Ryuichi is a PhD student at the Statistical Science Department at University College London (UCL) working under the supervision of Professor Serge Guillas. His research interest lies primarily in functional data analysis.

He obtained a master degree in Data Science from UCL. His master thesis focused on analysing data captured by satellite using functional principal component analysis supervised by Professor Serge Guillas. He also completed a Bachelor and Master in applied physics at the University of Tokyo. The theme of his master thesis was quantum Monte Carlo method to calculate quantum entanglement entropy supervised by Professor Synge Todo.

In addition, he had job experiences in the central government and private sector in Japan before joining UCL.

Research interests

As a member of the project of Uncertainty Quantification of Multi-scale and Multi-physics Computer Models, he intensively works on the development of the prediction models for natural disasters such as tsunami and earthquake.

For both earthquake and tsunami cases, the data driven analysis is performed using satellite data. In his research, for the data pre-processing, the knowledge about database management system and parallel processing is inevitable due to the large size of data. In the research, statistical methods based on functional data analysis are applied to those data using some programming languages (e.g. C++, R, Python, and Matlab).

Also, his works focus on the development of the new method for the better models with the dense and spatio-temporal data.