Sabeehah Mahomed

picture of Sabeehah


Research Assistant, Data Justice and Global Ethical Futures


Sabeehah Mahomed is a Research Assistant in Data Justice and Global Ethical Futures under the public policy program. Her current work includes researching and analysing the context of children’s rights as they relate to AI through a series of engagements. She is also working on projects relating to the UK’s Office for AI, and data management and governance frameworks as it relates to ethics, artificial intelligence, and public policy. 

She holds a MSc in Digital Humanities from the Department of Information Science/Studies at University College London (UCL) with distinction. Her master’s thesis focused on Racial Bias in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and public perception, a portion of which was presented at the 'Ei4Ai' (Ethical Innovation for Artificial Intelligence) Conference in July 2020, hosted by UCL and University of Toronto. 


Research interests

Sabeehah's main interests lie in ethical governance and innovation of AI systems, data privacy and protection, and using technology for social good. She brings an interdisciplinary academic background with a focus on the humanities. She has a postgraduate BA Honours Degree with Cum Laude and a BA Degree from the University of South Africa. As part of her BA (Hons) thesis, she conducted fieldwork research within the Somali migrant community in South Africa focusing on social dynamics as it relates to religion, integration, and international relations. This was later published by the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD). 

Prior to joining the Turing, Sabeehah also has experience in entrepreneurship, business, and education where she established a Mathematics education centre in South Africa, providing quality education to over 2000 students for 7 years and creating employment for over 40 individuals. 

Achievements and awards

In 2021, Sabeehah was announced as the Winner of the UK's Women of The Future Award 2020, Commonwealth Category, sponsored by AVIVA and KPMG. 

Amongst her other achievements, Sabeehah was one of five individuals selected from a nationwide selection to participate in the US African Development Program in association with Boldleaders USA which included a four-week intensive leadership training program in Colorado and Washington DC. A year prior, she represented South Africa in Germany as part of the Johannesburg Student Council and Hamburg Student Council exchange program.