Dr Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan


Turing Fellow

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Sarah Morgan is an Accelerate Science Research Fellow at the Cambridge Department of Computer Science and Technology, where she leads the AI for Brain Sciences Group. She completed her PhD at the Cambridge Physics department, in the Theory of Condensed Matter group (TCM). She then spent time as a postdoc in the Cambridge Psychiatry department, and as a Henslow Research Fellow at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. In 2019, Sarah was awarded a Turing Fellowship to investigate whether speech can be used to detect psychotic disorders.

Sarah is a co-organiser of the Cambridge Networks Network, which brings together researchers from in and around Cambridge with an interest in complex networks (http://www.cnn.group.cam.ac.uk/). She is also passionate about making STEM more diverse, and co-founded the Cambridge group for women and non-binary people in physics (https://www.cavendishinspiringwomxn.co.uk/).

Research interests

Sarah's research applies data science and AI approaches- including network science, machine learning and bioinformatics- to better understand and predict brain development, cognition and mental health.

One key focus is using MRI to study brain connectivity across the lifespan, in health and disease. To do this, Sarah works with brain networks derived from MRI data, in which nodes represent large scale brain regions and edges represent connectivity between brain regions.

Sarah is also interested in using data science to investigate other aspects of cognition and mental health, for example using network science and natural language processing methods to study speech from patients with psychotic disorders.