Saumitra Mishra is a research associate at the finance and economics programme at the Alan Turing Institute where he is working on explainable machine learning for financial applications. He is also a PhD student at the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science of Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). At QMUL, he is a member of the Centre for Digital Music and Machine Listening Lab. From 2008-2015, he was with Samsung R&D Institute India - Bangalore where he contributed to consumer electronics products.

Research interests

Saumitra's current research includes interpretable machine learning (IML) that involves designing algorithms for analysing the behaviour of machine learning models. He is interested in both aspects of IML: developing inherently interpretable models, and developing methods to explain black-box models. During his PhD, he has applied IML methods to analyse machine learning models trained for applications in audio (speech, music) and computer vision. His other research interests include adversarial machine learning, deep generative models, and fairness in machine learning.