Smera Jayadeva

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Research Assistant


Smera Jayadeva is a Research Assistant in Data Justice and Global Ethical Futures under the public policy programme.  

Prior to joining The Alan Turing Institute, Smera has worked in a collaborative placement with the Austrian Institute for International Affairs wherein the European and Indian approaches to medical AI were comparatively evaluated. She has experience in conducting research in the Synergia Foundation on themes ranging from geopolitics and policymaking to disruptive technology. Additionally, Smera has worked as an independent researcher in policy evaluation and governance in public and non-profit organisations.  
Smera holds an International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies with distinction jointly awarded by the University of Glasgow, Dublin City University, and Karlova University. Her graduate dissertation titled “Systems in the subcontinent: Data, power, and the ethics of medical machine learning in India” evaluated the scope, challenges, and mediatory role of AI in Indian healthcare systems. She also holds a BA with a triple major in History, Economic, and Political Science from Christ University (Bengaluru).