Professor Sophia Ananiadou

Sophia Ananiadou


Turing Fellow

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Sophia Ananiadou is Professor in Computer Science at the University of Manchester. She gained her PhD from UMIST in the area of natural language processing. Her research is interdisciplinary and her main contributions are in biomedical text mining and NLP. She is also the Director of the National Centre for Text Mining (since 2005), providing tools, resources, systems and infrastructure for biomedicine. She has had several projects in areas such as reconstruction of biological pathways using text mining, information extraction from the literature, the development of methods for the automation of systematic reviews and semantic search systems. She has applied her research mostly in systems biology, medicine, public health, biodiversity and chemistry.

Research interests

Sophia's research at the Turing will be focusing on methods to increase the speed of knowledge discovery, develop decision-support tools to improve mental health decision-making and help clinicians and health practitioners make sense of the burgeoning scientific literature. By developing novel text mining and machine learning research methods the aim is to support discovery, organisation and prediction of the most relevant evidence from the literature in a dynamic, incremental and interactive way that will create a paradigm shift in mental health. This will aid the discovery of research evidence to automate the development of clinical guidelines, systematic reviews, policy and practice guidelines.

Building on proven methods which prioritise screening based on active learning, reduce the screening time and reduce bias, this research will go a step further. By examining relevancy at a deeper content level, beyond document, the complex aetiology of mental health will be unearthed by discovering and analysing different associations.