Dr Stephen McGough

Stephen McGough


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Dr Stephen McGough is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing at Newcastle University. He studied Mathematics at Durham University as an undergraduate (1993) before studying his MSc (1996) and PhD (2000) at Newcastle University in the School of Computing. Stephen has previously worked at Imperial College London (2000-2009), University College London (2009), Newcastle University (2009-2013) and Durham University (2013-2017).

Research interests

Stephen has a keen interest in machine learning and specifically deep learning which has developed as a consequence of his prior interests in mathematics and parallel computing. His interests in optimisation has led to a focus on the optimisation of deep learning networks. Although deep learning has shown, in many cases, super-human performance, this often requires vast computational resources. This is not only due to the vast amounts of data which need to be used for training, but also the need to identify the 'best' deep learning network to use. Stephen's research in this area is in how we can automatically identify the 'best' deep learning network to achieve optimal results without having to expend vast amounts of computing time.