Dr Theo Damoulas

Dr Theo Damoulas


Turing AI Acceleration Fellow

Partner Institution


Theo Damoulas is an Associate Professor in Data Science with a joint appointment in Computer Science and Statistics. He is also a Turing Fellow of The Alan Turing Institute and affiliated with NYU as an Exchange Assistant Professor at the Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP). Before joining the University of Warwick, he was a Research Assistant Professor at NYU and before that he was a Research Associate at Cornell University in the Department of Computer Science. He holds a PhD (2009, CS Distinguished Dissertation Award) from the University of Glasgow, an MSc (2004, Distinction) from the University of Edinburgh, and an MEng (2003, 1st) from the University of Manchester.  

Research interests

Machine learning, Bayesian statistics, kernel methods, spatiotemporal inference, evidence integration.

Theo is working on the following themes at the Turing:

  • Online change-point detection in urban data streams (air quality networks, predictive policing)
  • Stochastic processes & Non-parametric Bayesian inference for applications in computer science, urban science, and computational sustainability
  • Approximate inference for non-stationary spatio-temporal problems