Professor Tiejun Ma is Professor in Financial Computing and Risk Modelling within he Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

Professor Ma’s research focuses on risk analysis and decision-making using quantitative modelling of user’s behaviour with big data analysis techniques (e.g. individual's financial/cyber risk taking and decision behaviour) and fintech.

Dr Ma is also a member of the Risk Management Research and Thought Leadership Committee, of Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). Recently, Dr Ma’s research projects with leading city industry partners have been twice awarded ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by InnovationUK and he won the Lenovo AI on Fintech Innovation Award (SuperComputing 2017).

Research interests

Dr Ma’s research focuses on risk analysis and decision-making using quantitative modelling and real-time Big data analysis techniques applies to fintech, cyber-risk, and resilience. He employs applied data science and mathematical modelling methodologies in the analysis/forecasts of risks, using an inter-disciplinary research strategy, via state-of-the-art computing, data analytics and behavioural analysis techniques.

Dr Ma is a selected member of EPSRC’s New Economy Model Network and is a selected reviewer for EPSRC/ESRC proposals. Dr Ma has extensive experience in large-scale data analysis, risk modelling and real-time decision-making of finance and computing challenges and has been published on international leading journals, such as European Journal of Operations Research, International Journal of Forecasting, IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering and IEEE Transaction on Dependable and Secure Computing and Journal of Information Assurance and Security etc. Dr Ma has been successful in securing £4m+ in research grants on 30 projects (as PI or CI) from Research Councils (e.g. EPSRC/ESRC/Innovation UK/GCHQ/HEA etc.) and industry partners.

Achievements and awards

  • Winner of Lenovo/Supercomputing Conference AI Innovation Challenge 2017.
  • Research works have been adopted by Huawei Ltd to enhance the resilience of Huawei’s future network. This is a test of time impact with one of the world’s largest telecom companies.
  • As an ESRC IAA project leader, Dr Ma has been selected to the founding chair and deliver as one of the keynote speakers at the first EU-China: Big Data and FinTech Innovation Symposium on December 2016 and 2017, with a number of high-profile keynote speakers.
  • His project collaborating with city-based fintech firms on "Effective real-time financial risk Information that optimises risk management decisions" was awarded ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by Innovation UK, the highest grade of “Outstanding”. The project, which won the award, involved developing trader risk assessment models using multiple, state-of-the-art modelling techniques with cloud/high-performance computing platforms.
  • His collaborative work with industry partners on the Big Data-supported Risk Analytics project was highlighted by the New Horizon Magazine (2015 Nov. Issue p22-25,and some of the most influential news channels.