Professor Tim Dodwell

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Turing AI Fellow

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Dr Tim Dodwell is a senior lecturer in industrial applied mathematics within the Institute of Data Science and AI at the University of Exeter, in which he is the institute’s lead for ‘science, engineering and technology’. Tim is a Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute, currently holds the Romberg Visiting Professor ship at Heidelberg and sits on the board member for Proceedings of Royal Society London A. At Exeter he leads an interdisciplinary group at the dynamic interface between applied mathematics, statistics and high-performance scientific computing, in the areas of: stochastic uncertainty quantification, multiscale modelling of complex materials and high-performance numerical solvers. Over the next 18 months his group will double to 16 researchers built from UKRI, EPSRC, Innovate UK and direct industrial awards with a combined value exceeding £6.5M.

Research interests

He works at the dynamic interface between engineering, applied mathematics and high performance scientific computing. His research interests in modelling complex materials for industry-motivated problems, integrating understanding of engineering materials, mathematical models, numerical and Bayesian methods and their implementation across massive computer architectures.

A core aim of his research outputs is to develop robust, validated mathematical methods to tackle critical industrial challenges which require the close synergy of complex numerical models and rich convoluted data sets. His theoretical research has had direct impact in the high value manufacturing sector, by working closely with two of largest international composite manufactures Boeing and GKN Aerospace. Having said this, his theoretical research has much broader applications across the sciences, including new applications to other engineering systems, the environment and healthcare.