Dr Tomas Lazauskas

Tomas Lazauskas


Research Computing Team Lead


Tomas is Research Computing Team Lead at the Turing. His focus is to grow and lead a team developing and administering cloud and high-performance computing infrastructure, with a strategic responsibility for the Institute’s research computing needs. He works with researchers across the Institute, leads projects and makes individual contributions.

Tomas has a great interest in computer science and in a wide range of research domains, where the application of new technology can make a difference. He is particularly interested in helping researchers to take advantage of research computing, including cloud computing, high-performance computing and the internet of things, to facilitate cutting edge research in data science.

Tomas has a PhD in Mathematical Sciences from Loughborough University, which focused on developing and applying novel computer simulation techniques to model radiation effects in materials. Before joining the Turing, Tomas was a Research Associate at UCL, where he developed and maintained in-house software to perform complex simulations and turn terabytes of results' data into useful information. He also has experience working as a programmer in the commercial sector, as well as as an independent developer creating mobile applications and financial modelling tools.