Dr Tristan Bekinschtein

Tristan Bekinschtein


Turing Fellow

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Tristan is a biologist, Master in Neurophysiology and PhD in Neuroscience, Buenos Aires University. He has been an EU Marie Curie Fellow and senior researcher at the MRC-Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, and a Fyssen fellow at ICM, Paris. He has also been an Invited Researcher at QBI, Australia and INECO, Argentina. In 2011 he founded the Consciousness and Cognition Lab, now at the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge. He is Wellcome Trust Fellow and now Turing Fellow.

The interface between behavioural and brain data with health and wellbeing is finally starting to emerge as a discipline that can be integrated between different expertise, He aims to use brain and cognition mechanisms to guide the methods to find the interactions in that interface. 

His lab is primarily interested in the complexity of thought and what makes us human. He works on the cognitive neuroscience of consciousness, primarily on the fragmentation of cognition as we lose consciousness while falling asleep or getting sedated; on the cognitive and neural differences between conscious states; and on the interaction between attention and consciousness in health and disease.

Research interests

At the Turing Tristan aims to collaborate to create projects at the crossroads between brain sciences, human behaviour, computational sciences and data sciences to understand mechanisms of health and disease, improve quality of life and efficiency of methods in society and medicine, and to help to unravel what makes us humans.