Dr Dinh, PhD in Mechatronics in 2010, is currently an Associate Professor of Energy System Management and Control in WMG, the University of Warwick. Together with leading and co-leading a number of projects on mechatronics and smart energy-transportation systems, he has published over 180 high quality journal articles, conference papers, book, book chapters, and patents. Among those publications, he has received 10 journal and conference paper awards. He is a technical committee member of the IEEE IES (Industrial Electronic Society), a senior member of IEEE, and editorial member of several international journals (e.g. IEEE Trans. on Intelligent Transportation Systems and Energies).

He has been invited as a keynote and an invited speaker for over 20 international conferences and seminars, a session chair for numerous international conferences (in UK, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam), and a Steering Committee member of several international conference series (e.g. ICMT - International Conference on Mechatronics Technology). He is the General Co-Chair of the 23rd and 24th IEEE-IES ICMT conference in Italy (2019) and in Singapore (2021).