Dr Victoria Stephenson

Victoria Stephenson


Data-Centric Engineering Group Leader

Partner Institution


Victoria is a Prize Fellow in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering at the University of Bath and a Group Leader for the Turing's programme in Data-centric Engineering.

Research interests

Victoria Stephenson is an engineer working in the field of built heritage and natural hazards. Her research explores the interaction of built cultural heritage with environmental hazards including floods, in order to increase understanding of the vulnerability of such structures. Meanwhile, her collaborations with end users and practitioners works to promote resilience in the historic built environment.

Victoria was awarded the University of Bath Prize Fellowship in Smart Buildings (2018-2020), and is currently working on an M2D EPSRC Network Funded project studying historic masonry weir resilience, in collaboration with The Alan Turing Institute's Data-Centric Engineering Programme, and the British Geological Survey.