Dr Vincent C Müller

Vincent C Müller


Turing Fellow

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Vincent C. Müller studied philosophy with cognitive science, linguistics and history at the universities of Marburg, Hamburg, London and Oxford. Since his PhD he is teaching full time at Anatolia College/ACT (4-4, minus buyouts). He was Stanley J. Seeger Fellow at Princeton University and James Martin Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. He is now is Professor of philosophy at Anatolia College/ACT and University Academic Fellow at the University of Leeds - as well as President of the European Society for Cognitive Systems and chair of the euRobotics topics group on 'ethical, legal and socio-economic issues'.

Research interests

Müller's research focuses on theory and ethics of disruptive technologies, particularly artificial intelligence. He has published ca. 40 academic papers as well as 14 edited volumes on the philosophy of computing, philosophy of AI and cognitive science, philosophy of language, applied ethics, etc. (citations: h-11). He has organised ca. 25 conferences or workshops and presents about one paper each month, usually by invitation. Müller organizes a conference series on the Theory and Philosophy of AI and is principal investigator of a EU-funded project on "Inclusive Robotics for a Better Society" (INBOTS). He has generated ca. 3.9 mil.€ research income for his institutions. At the Alan Turing Institute, his work focuses on the ethics of big data and AI.