Dr. Weisi Guo is a Professor of Human Machine Intelligence at Cranfield University, and an Honorary Professor at University of Warwick. He graduated from the University of Cambridge with degrees in General Engineering and Computer Science.

Research interests

Dr Guo's research expertise is in information and networks. In terms of applications, he is particularly interested in interdependent critical infrastructures and urban analytics for defence and security. His pioneering research in molecular signalling and complex networks has won him a number of awards & nominations. At the Turing, he focuses on using complexity and data science techniques to improve engineering safety and reduce conflict likelihood [1].

[1] "Retool AI to Forecast and Limit Wars," Nature, 562, 331-333 (2018)

Achievements and awards

IET: Innovation Award 2015

Bell Labs Prize: Finalist 2014, Semi-Finalist 2016

IEEE: Best Paper and Exemplary Reviewer