After a Mathematics DPhil from Oxford, Wilfrid worked first at University of Hull Statistics, then University of Strathclyde Mathematics, then University of Warwick Statistics, where he served a period as head of department and is now Professor of Statistics. He also served as Scientific Secretary and later as President of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability, and was a founding co-director of the APTS scheme for training first-year UK Statistics students. He co-authored the primary monograph on stochastic geometry (with Stoyan and Mecke and now Chiu), currently in its 3rd edition.

Research interests

Wilfrid is interested in research themes concerning interactions between probability, geometry and computation. These include: contributions to the theory of Markov chain Monte Carlo (most recently in applying Dirichlet form theory to study optimal scaling); developing new theoretical models for scale-invariant random spatial networks; and nascent projects concerning (a) a substantial and heterogeneous GIS database related to hypotheses concerning Anglo-Saxon building design, and (b) building and assessing a broad database on degradation of CT detector screens.