Yanos Zylberberg is a senior lecturer at the University of Bristol, has a PhD in Economics from Paris School of Economics and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics. His research interests span a range of economic fields, including labour economics, macroeconomics, development economics, economic history and urban economics. His current research agenda includes: the long-term effects of historical pollution on the structure of cities, migration and the organisation of production in developing economies, job search and unemployment insurance.

Research interests

Yanos's research project at the Turing aims to study the patterns of urbanisation in China over the past 35 years, and the role of rural-urban migration in shaping such urbanisation. Rural-to-urban migration is central to the structural transformation of an economy; there is however very little empirical evidence on its contribution to urban development and the well-known empirical regularities observed in developing economies: urban sprawl, unequal access to urban amenities, unequal exposure to environmental disamenities, and residential segregation. The research will exploit the combination of (i) large agricultural shocks in rural areas, (ii) satellite imagery and supervised recognition algorithms to classify land use, and (iii) high-quality geo-located data on manufacturing establishments.