Zachary Kessler

Zachary Kessler


Postdoctoral Research Associate


Zachary B. Kessler is a postdoctoral research associate within the public policy programme and part of the Policy Modelling team. He earned his undergraduate degree at Florida Southern College with a triple major in Economics and Finance, Political Economy, and Business Administration. Prior to joining The Alan Turing Institute, he completed his PhD as well as his MA in Economics at George Mason University which focused on developing computational models meant to approximate and potentially develop improvements for real-life institutional processes in both economic and political settings.

Research interests

In his research, Zachary employs a variety of computational and statistical tools including machine learning, reinforcement learning, agent-based modelling, and various econometric methods to address a collection of applied economic problems at both the micro and macro levels. Some of his current lines of work include examining the role of various coordinating mechanisms in contributing to labour skill-matching, estimating the size of neighbourhood network effects present in home values, and utilising artificial intelligence to explore the impact of institutional changes in central bank organisation on the effectiveness of monetary policy among other areas. At The Alan Turing Institute, he works with a number of other members of the Policy Modelling team as well as outside collaborators to develop micro-level simulation models broadly centred on reducing inequality in the U.K. economy with specific focuses on housing and wealth inequality.