Zoe received her BSc in Experimental Psychology from the University of Crete, Greece and her PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from Rutgers University, USA. She continued her postdoctoral work at MIT and Harvard in cognitive neuroimaging focusing on the brain computations that support our ability to interpret sensory information and make successful decisions. Upon the award of a Mc Donnell Pew fellowship, she moved to the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tuebingen, Germany and then to the University of Birmingham, as a Chair in Brain Imaging. In 2013, she was appointed Chair of Experimental Psychology at the University of Cambridge.

Research interests

Predicting individual socio-cognitive health is of high priority for health economies, given the translational potential for early diagnosis and personalised treatment. Yet, predicting intervention outcomes in health and society is challenged by variability across individuals. Zoe's work addresses this challenge by developing predictive models based on machine learning approaches that synthesise large-scale multivariate and longitudinal data to characterise individualised profiles of health across the lifespan. This work has strong translational applications in education and healthcare for the design of a) practical cost-effective tools for early diagnosis of decline and disease progression in clinical practice, b) training programmes tailored to individual needs.