Jinyuan Qi

I care deeply about improving access to health care for vulnerable and underserved populations.

Fact file

  • Ph.D. Candidate (Demography) at Princeton University.
  • MA from University of California, Berkeley.

  • Main interests: Healthcare, mortality and biodemography.
  • 2020 DSSG Summer project group: World Bank

What is a social cause you care about deeply?

The right to the highest attainable standard of health is fundamental for having a fulfilling and decent life. I care deeply about improving access to health care for vulnerable and underserved populations.

What have you found the most interesting so far when working with World Bank?

The team. Although we have not met each other in person, I already fell in love and feel like we are as connected as a family living in different corners of the world. It’s magical how working on a project together and e-communication can build up the connection so fast.

When you're not working, what can you be found doing?

Sleeping, studying, cooking, eating, reading, writing, watching, listening, jogging, hiking, giving and receiving a good massage.

What skills have you gained so far on the DSSGx summer project programme and working with World Bank?

I am learning all kinds of new technical tools from teammates, especially thanks to Carmine’s always-helpful technical advice. I have also gained skills in building a proper data pipeline from scratch.

The weekly talks on different research topics and our frequent discussion with World Bank partners and people at The Alan Turing Institute are all very inspiring and informative.

What blog, podcast or book does everyone need to be aware of?

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World - a dystopian novel written almost a century ago but astonishingly relevant to our modern society today. The future is yet to come.

What would be your dream industry/ sector to work in? How do you think your involvement in the DSSG could help you get there?

I would love to work in the healthcare field. The project I am doing at DSSG is not directly health-related but policy-relevant. I guess my involvement in the DSSG could help me build skills and connections to get me there.