Morgan Briggs

Research Associate for Data Science and Ethics Morgan Briggs is exploring a variety of topics that all relate to ethical and responsible research

In a nutshell, tell me about your role at the Turing?

I am fortunate to work on the Ethics Theme within the Public Policy Programme, where I research a variety of topics all related to the overarching theme of responsible research and innovation. The projects I’m currently working on range from advancing global data justice to AI explainability to promoting children’s rights in relation to AI.

What led you to your area of research?

I have always been interested in a diverse set of interdisciplinary subjects. When I was at university, I studied both Data Analytics and Religion (with a specific focus on ethics). I wanted to find a way to combine both these interests, and was fortunate to be able to complete an MSc in Social Data Science which approached data science and AI from a sociotechnical lens.

My current role draws on both aspects of my previous education. It also reflects my continued interest in technology – both in relation to its situated context and everyday impact.

What do you hope is the impact of your research?

My hope is to contribute to a future that creates AI technologies that are representative, inclusive, beneficial, and place the prioritisation of social justice at the forefront. I also hope we can make the concepts we work on accessible to the public and provide them with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about how and where their data is used.

What challenges have you come across in your career?

Being a female in a STEM field has taught me the importance of standing up for my thoughts and opinions, in spaces where they are not always welcomed.

Any words of wisdom to someone starting out in your field?

Find mentors who you can learn from and go to for advice. Additionally, surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart but challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone and question your own status quo.

What’s something surprising about you?

I am from the country music capital of the United States – Tennessee – but I can’t stand country music.

And finally, when not working what can you be found doing?

I enjoy working in nature on urban farms throughout London, playing the guitar, or grabbing a nice cup of coffee.