Rosaleen is the University Liaison Manager for the University of Leeds, and is based in the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA). Prior to joining LIDA, Rosaleen was based in the School of Earth and Environment and the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at Leeds, where she worked on a number of EPSRC and NERC-funded research programmes related to climate science and meteorology, most recently the GCRF African SWIFT programme.

Before joining Leeds, Rosaleen was at the University of Manchester where she worked in administrative management roles with various research institutes and faculty research programmes, in both the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health and the Faculty of Humanities. She also spent six years as a Management Information Planning Officer within the University’s Directorate of Planning. Rosaleen has worked as a freelance copy-editor for the United Nations World Institute for Economics Research and, whilst in the School of Earth and Environment at Leeds, she provided editorial management to the important new text, Meteorology of tropical West Africa: the Forecasters’ Handbook.