Vasilis is a medical doctor who studied molecular biology at Imperial College before completing his junior surgical training in Oxford and London. He is currently doing a PhD on prostate cancer at UCL under Professor Mark Emberton and Dr Hayley Whitaker. The main focus of his research is defining how the tumour microenvironment and inflammation can affect the appearance of the prostate on multiparametric magnetic resonance images. 

Vasilis has been awarded a Clinical Research Training Fellowship by the Medical Research Council and recently completed an MSc in Applied Statistics at the University of London. He is currently using modern statistical methods to analyse histological, genetic and imaging data in order to improve prostate cancer diagnosis and management.

Research interests

Vasilis’ quantitative research interests include the use of algorithms that recognise specific areas or cells on medical images. He is also looking at techniques that correlate and integrate histological, genetic and imaging information. Finally, Vasilis is interested in the analysis of spatially or temporally dependent data often encountered in biology and medicine. The Alan Turing Institute will provide an ideal environment for him to enrich his prostate cancer work, consolidate his statistical knowledge and form new collaborations.