Deliver safer, smarter engineering


We are on the cusp of a major step-change in engineering. Instead of waiting for regular maintenance cycles, bridges, power plants, and transport systems can now tell us what they require and when, all through data. Data science can also inform how we design and build structures, enabling exciting and radical new possibilities to innovate and improve design, performance, and safety.

Through spearheading new skills, standards, and education, we will deliver a safer, smarter era of data-centric engineering.

What can data science and AI do?

  • Design and deliver systems that recover themselves using their own data
  • Enable data-driven maintenance
  • Enable real-time monitoring, testing, and resilience of complex systems
  • Allow engineers to make interventions before systems go wrong
  • Link major datasets between engineering systems
  • Model complex structures in ‘digital twins’
  • Enable smarter decision-making

What are the benefits for science, society, and the economy?

  • Better engineering design in the presence of uncertainty
  • Improving the resilience, efficiency, and environment of cities
  • Improved infrastructure systems
  • Introduction of new industry standards to match innovation
  • Changes in engineering education
  • Attracting new and different students to work in engineering