Design computers for the next generation of algorithms


The explosion of data science and AI wouldn’t have been possible without advances in computer power and specialist hardware and software. We need to continue to adapt and refine computer technology in order to meet the needs of the next generation of algorithms and data scientists.

Improved computing performance will also enable data scientists to design more complex and powerful algorithms, creating a virtuous circle of technology supporting and informing innovation.

What can data science and AI do?

  • Extract valuable information from increasingly complex and heterogeneous datasets, such as networks of sensors
  • Enable the use of sophisticated computational methods for protecting private data
  • Facilitate larger scale classification tasks, such as in healthcare (e.g. tumour detection, grading in digital pathology, etc.)
  • Produce machine translation of text and speech

What are the benefits for science, society, and the economy?

  • Hardware able to deliver quicker, more accurate analysis for academia and industry
  • Reduced compute time
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Novel co-designed algorithms that are tailored to emerging hardware
  • Industry products keep pace with research innovation