Foster government innovation


Government has fostered and embraced important advances in technology, from critical investment in the iPhone and the internet, to early adoption of large-scale computer systems in the 1960s.

Today, government is a major holder of data, which data science and AI can harness to improve the design and provision of public services as well as to inform policy-making across all levels of government.

The Turing will work with policy makers to explore how data-driven public service provision and policy innovation might solve long running ‘wicked’ policy problems and restore government’s role as a leader in tech innovation.

What can data science and AI do?

  • Design personalised public services that are tailored to each person’s needs and situation
  • Inform a fairer, data-driven allocation of public resources
  • Identify policy priorities by modelling complex systems and scenarios
  • Track and evaluate hard-to-measure policy impacts
  • Make the decision-making process more efficient and transparent

What are the benefits for science, society, and the economy?

  • Better targeted provision of public services
  • A more equitable distribution of public resources across society
  • More effective policy decisions
  • Greater government transparency and accountability
  • Higher cost effectiveness of government programs