Revolutionise healthcare


AI and data science will improve the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of illness. It will optimise the provision of services, and support health service providers to anticipate demand and deliver improved patient care.

With cross-sector collaboration and respect for privacy and patient trust, we can transform healthcare.

What can data science and AI do?

  • Enable earlier, more precise detection, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses
  • Predict or prevent diseases before they arise for those at highest risk
  • Model the outbreak and transmission of infectious disease
  • Model the consequences of medical interventions
  • Maximise the information in patient data (while recognising the legal, computational, and privacy hurdles)
  • Forecast demand on, and improve, health services

What are the benefits for science, society, and the economy?

  • Supporting medical research, e.g. in genetics and genomics, to advance faster
  • Personalising healthcare: targeting the right treatments to the right patients at the right times
  • Understanding the impact of environmental and lifestyle factors on health
  • Efficiency savings from government and the NHS
  • Increased collaboration between data scientists and medical researchers
  • Lives saved and lives improved