Supercharge research in science and humanities


From electron microscope images to thousands of digitised manuscripts, laboratories and research institutes generate colossal amounts of data. As a result, they face considerable challenges in processing and analysing this data.

There is a major opportunity to use data science and AI to advance knowledge across the science and humanities, helping to supercharge research and ensuring that the UK’s centres of excellence keep pace with cutting edge AI and data-driven tools.

What can data science and AI do?

  • Help with the ‘wrangling’ process of huge datasets
  • Accelerate data availability to facilitate theory testing
  • Use machine learning to improve the accuracy and efficiency of synchrotron imaging, and identifying potential new drug targets from genomic and health data
  • Develop transformative data-science driven approaches to digital humanities that enable the answering of new questions

What are the benefits for science, society, and the economy?

  • Supporting the research sector with cutting edge data science and AI techniques
  • Turning data generated by science and the humanities into societal impact more efficiently
  • Reaching a better understanding of our heritage, our past, and our present