How are data science and AI shaping the future of innovation and entrepreneurship?




The Entrepreneurship Interest Group has two main goals. Firstly, we aim to provide networking, inspiration and support for people interested in turning their research into an entrepreneurial venture. Secondly, we aspire to help researchers in the entrepreneurship field to discuss and discover research areas in need of more development as well as current methodological innovations in the field.


The main aims of the group are to:

  • Develop research interests and connections between members of the Turing and external partners. A focus of the group is to develop a network of relevant partners including:
    • Turing industrial partners, especially those with entrepreneurial experience
    • Entrepreneurial groups at Turing partner universities
    • Turing fellows, students, and alumni who have previously commercialised their research
  • Create a community of researchers and policy makers working on entrepreneurship and innovation in order to share findings and methodological advancements in the field.  
  • Connect entrepreneurship researchers and practitioners.

Talking points

Commercialising research

Challenges: Taking a successful research idea and applying it real world applications is a daunting process. This theme focuses on supporting people interested in ‘spinning out’ their research.

Understanding industry

Challenges: The world of industry is quite different to the academic space, with its own set of unique challenges. This theme focuses on providing people with the knowledge to understand how their research fits in to the bigger picture of industry.

Advancing research

Challenges: Research in the field of entrepreneurship often relies on rather old-fashioned sources of data and methodologies. This theme focuses on discussing how new data sources and methods such as Causal Inference and Natural Language Processing can advance our understanding of how, why, and where entrepreneurship develops.

Individuating opportunities for growth

Challenges: Entrepreneurship in AI and ML is mostly pursued by well defined demographic categories in well defined spatial setting. This theme focuses on encouraging and showcasing entrepreneurial opportunities by actors generally considered as marginalised.

How to get involved

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