Natural language processing

What are the methods and applications of enabling computers to process and understand human language?




This interest group focuses both on core natural language processing methods and tasks (such as text classification, information extraction, summarisation) and applications of natural language processing to the social sciences and humanities.

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Dr Elena Kochkina

Visiting Research Fellow, The Alan Turing Institute and Postdoctoral Research Assistant, QMUL

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[email protected]

External researchers

Radoslaw Kowalski, UCL
Pasquale Minervini, UCL
Andrew Moore, Lancaster University
Marek Rei, University of Cambridge

Resolving Places, Past and Present: Toponym Resolution in Historical British Newspapers Using Multiple Resources

Newspapers and their metadata are richly geographical, not only in their distribution but also...

Coll Ardanuy, Mariona & McDonough, Katherine & Krause, Amrey & Wilson, Daniel & Hosseini, Kasra & Strien, Daniel. (2019). Resolving places, past and present: toponym resolution in historical british newspapers using multiple resources. GIR '19: Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval. 1-6. 10.1145/3371140.3371143.

Accessing and using a corpus-driven Latin Valency Lexicon

McGillivray, B. and Passarotti, M. (2015). Accessing and using a corpus-driven Latin Valency Lexicon. In Haverling, G. (Ed.), Latin linguistics in the early 21st century. Acts of the 16th international colloquium on Latin linguistics, Uppsala, June 6th-11th, 2011, Uppsala

Metodi in linguistica computazionale latina

McGillivray, B. (2015). Metodi in linguistica computazionale latina. In Molinelli, P., Putzu, I. (Eds.), Modelli epistemologici, metodologie della ricerca e qualità del dato. Dalla linguistica storica alla sociolinguistica storica . Milan: FrancoAngeli.

The University of Edinburgh’s Neural MT Systems for WMT17

This paper describes the University of Edinburgh's submissions to the WMT17 shared news translation...

Sennrich, R, Birch-Mayne, A, Currey, A, Germann, U, Haddow, B, Heafield, K, Miceli Barone, A & Williams, P 2017, The University of Edinburgh’s Neural MT Systems for WMT17. in EMNLP 2017: The Second Conference on Machine Translation, Volume 2: Shared Task Papers.. Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), pp. 389-399, Proceedings of the Second Conference on Machine Translation, Copenhagen, Denmark, 7-8 September. DOI: 10.18653/v1/W17-4739