Research areas


The group seeks to address the challenges associated with the vast quantities of new and heterogeneous data that are increasingly becoming available through two primary themes: developing foundational theories of human behaviour at diverse social and temporal scales; and identifying methodological challenges and solutions to enable social data science to deliver robust and credible results in key application domains.


This interest group in social data science aims to create a critical mass of social scientists, data scientists and social data scientists, and to build relationships with data infrastructure and training investments and policy makers through regular meetings involving academic, commercial, NGO, and government stakeholders.

Detailed description


  • NCRM
  • ESRC CDT – New Forms of Data
  • ADRN
  • Urban Big Data Research Centre
  • Consumer Data Research Centre
  • Business and Local Government Data Research Centre
  • Nuffield Q-Step CDTs
  • UK Data Service
  • ONS
  • British Library
  • Demos
  • NatCen
  • dunnhumby
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • GO Science
  • DCMS
  • Cabinet Office
  • Food Standards Agency
  • DWP
  • GCHQ
  • Government Digital Service
  • BEIS
  • Nesta



Contact info

[email protected]


External Researchers

Robin Williams, University of Edinburgh

Ella McPherson, University of Cambridge

Melinda Mills, University of Oxford

Andy Hudson-Smith, UCL

Noortje Marres, University of Warwick

Celia Lury, University of Warwick