Bayesian Probabilistic Numerical Methods


The emergent field of probabilistic numerics has thus far lacked clear statistical principals. This paper establishes Bayesian probabilistic numerical methods as those which can be cast as solutions to certain inverse problems within the Bayesian framework. This allows us to establish general conditions under which Bayesian probabilistic numerical methods are well-defined, encompassing both non-linear and non-Gaussian models.

For general computation, a numerical approximation scheme is proposed and its asymptotic convergence established. The theoretical development is then extended to pipelines of computation, wherein probabilistic numerical methods are composed to solve more challenging numerical tasks. The contribution highlights an important research frontier at the interface of numerical analysis and uncertainty quantification, with a challenging industrial application presented.

Citation information

Cockayne J, Oates CJ, Sullivan T, Girolami M. Bayesian Probabilistic Numerical Methods.

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