This paper was produced as part of the activities of the Humanities and Data Science Special Interest Group based at The Alan Turing Institute. The group has created the opportunity for fruitful conversations in this area and has brought together voices from a range of different disciplinary backgrounds. This document demonstrates how conversations of this type can benefit and advance computational methods and understandings in and between the humanities and data science. The paper offers recommendations for funders, academic institutions, and researchers to support research in this area. It also highlights a series of recommendations for how these two communities can more easily and better work together to realise the full potential of interdisciplinary work. 

Citation information

McGillivray, Barbara et al. (2020). The challenges and prospects of the intersection of humanities and data science: A White Paper from The Alan Turing Institute.

Figshare. dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.12732164

Turing affiliated authors

David Beavan

Principal Research Software Engineer (Digital Humanities), The Alan Turing Institute