Automated actin filament detection in cryo electron microscopy images using image segmentation deep neural networks

This report presents the output of the Cryo-EM challenge organised by The Alan Turing Institute and Jean Golding Institute as part of the Turing Data Study Group event in Bristol, August 2019. The aim of this challenge was to create an automated image processing workflow of actin filament identification, straightening, and extraction. This would be an important step towards detecting the troponin located on top of these actin filaments.

Additional information

Eron Cemal, Techmodal Ltd in Bristol
Vasiliki Chatzi, University of Cambridge.
Andrin Fluetsch, University of Cambridge.
Valeriia Haberland, University of Bristol.
Simon Skinner, BJSS Ltd
Maria Veretennikova, National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow
Haoyi Wang, University of Warwick