Data Study Group Final Report: NHS Scotland


Predicting risk of hospital admission in Scotland

This report presents the output of a week-long collaboration between the Alan Turing Institute, NHS Scotland, and the National Services Scotland’s Information Services Division (ISD) to investigate and update the current decision support tool for identifying patients at risk of admission - the SPARRA (Scottish Patients at Risk of Readmission and Admission) model.

Citation information

Data Study Group team. (2019, January 22). Data Study Group Final Report: NHS Scotland. Zenodo.

Additional information

Franz Kiraly, Alan Turing Institute
Raphael Sonabend, University College London
Cemre Zor, University of Surrey
Nada Jankovicova, University of Warwick
Nathan Cunningham, University of Warwick
Ieva Kazlauskaite, University of Bath
Anil Rao, University College London
Chao Wang, Queen Mary University of London
Samuel Dua Oduro, NHS National Services Scotland

Turing affiliated authors