Data Study Group Final Report: Spend Network


Automated matching of businesses to government contract opportunities

This report presents the output of a week-long collaboration between Spend Network, and lead academics from the University of Manchester and the University of Oxford that attended the Data Study Group at The Alan Turing Institute. Spend Network is a platform that aims to enable efficient public procure-ment. The goal of this work was to match suppliers to tenders. Our approach consists of building vector representations of suppli-ers and tenders and identifying their compat-ibility with the distance between the respec-tive vectors. In building their representations, we make use of both their textual descriptions and the knowledge of previously awarded con-tracts. We find previous contracts informative of future procurement decisions. Our best re-sults use Correlated Topic Models (Blei et al., 2007) for extracting representations of textual descriptions.

Citation information

Data Study Group team. (2019, November 29). Data Study Group Final Report: Spend Network. Zenodo.

Additional information

Luis Ospina-Forero, University of Manchester
Oduwa Edo-Osagie, University of East Anglia
Hoang Le, Trinity College Dublin
Silviu Oprea, University of Edinburgh
Bemsibom Toh, Heriot-Watt University
Erin Clark, Spend Network
Aude Vuilliomenet, University College London
Kai Xu, University of Edinburgh
Yuchen Zhao, University of Southampton

Turing affiliated authors