Snapshot mosaic multispectral imagery acquires an undersampled data cube by acquiring a single spectral measurement per spatial pixel. Sensors which acquire p frequencies, therefore, suffer from severe 1/p undersampling of the full data cube. We show that the missing entries can be accurately imputed using non-convex techniques from sparse approximation and matrix completion initialised with traditional demosaicing algorithms. In particular, we observe the peak signal-to-noise ratio can typically be improved by 2 to 5 dB over current state-of-the-art methods when simulating a p=16 mosaic sensor measuring both high and low altitude urban and rural scenes as well as ground-based scenes.

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Giancarlo A. Antonucci, Simon Vary, David Humphreys, Robert A. Lamb, Jonathan Piper, Jared Tanner, "Multispectral snapshot demosaicing via non-convex matrix completion", IEEE Data Science Workshop, Univ. of Minnesota, June 2019

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