Newspapers and their metadata are richly geographical, not only in their distribution but also their content. Attending to these spatial features is a prerequisite in newspaper research. Following other projects to have geoparsed place names in newspapers, we describe our approach to linking historical geospatial information in text to real-world locations which 1) adopts an expansive definition of what counts as a locatable entity; 2) uses knowledge bases derived from contemporaneous sources; and 3) leverages contextual information to disambiguate hard-to-locate places. This method depends on combining historical and non-historical resources and the paper discusses the potential benefits for humanities research.

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Coll Ardanuy, Mariona & McDonough, Katherine & Krause, Amrey & Wilson, Daniel & Hosseini, Kasra & Strien, Daniel. (2019). Resolving places, past and present: toponym resolution in historical british newspapers using multiple resources. GIR '19: Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval. 1-6. 10.1145/3371140.3371143. 

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