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How to become a member of the Research Engineering Group

Open positions

We currently do not have open positions. Recruitment will start again in 2023.

The role

The permanent research staff of the Institute’s Research Engineering Group work to realise cutting edge research as professionally usable software tools and to apply these to address real-world data science and modelling challenges. The Group’s staff are research software engineers and research data scientists. We note the considerable overlap between these emerging roles and embrace the breadth of interdisciplinary skills and diversity of approaches entailed in these fields. Staff can choose either job title and change their choice as their career progresses. 

In contrast to traditional research careers, we are committed expert collaborators, who join research teams to further the Institute's challenges. We collaborate with scholars across the Institute’s research community to enhance the applicability of research for particular problems. We work with clients in industry, government and the third sector to turn their data challenges into research questions. We value expertise across many domains, with current members of the Group having backgrounds in psychology, mathematics, biology, digital humanities and other areas. We rely on this diversity to design tools, practices and systems to harness the power of data science around the world.  

The Research Engineering Group is a learning team, and actively encourages its members to develop their skills so that they can apply new techniques and approaches across their projects. A commitment to developing new expertise is therefore very desirable to us. In addition to the technical skills you already have, we will look for evidence of a commitment to learn by looking at new skills you have developed in previous roles, and your interest and plans for acquiring future skillsets. 

Find out more about what we do

For an overview of the team and how we organise ourselves, see the slides from our talk at RSECon22 (we'll link to the recording when it's available).

Discover more about our research with these Turing podcast episodes on AI for the skiesFantasy Football AIAmsterdam's 3D printed steel bridge, and Reproducible data science. Or catch up with our presentations and interviews on YouTube.

Learn more about some of our current and past people in these articles: Radka Jersakova, Louise Bowler, Camila Rangel Smith, Ed ChalstreyDavid Beavan, Sarah Gibson, Giovanni Colavizza. We value all kinds of previous experience and backgrounds, so please do apply if we look like the kind of place you might want to work.

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about working for the team and the recruitment process via this link.

Get in touch

To know more about the role and the recruiting process get in touch either with Dr Federico Nanni ([email protected]) or with Dr Camila Rangel Smith ([email protected]). For all other queries, please contact Dr Martin O'Reilly, Director of the Research Engineering Group ([email protected]).