Behavioural data science

How can understanding human behaviour help achieve better economic and social outcomes?


Human behaviour is a major source of data in the current digital economy. At the same time, it is also one of the main 'objects' of data science in the sense that many data science and artificial intelligence models are aimed at influencing human behaviour (e.g. through 'nudging', personalisation, and behavioural segmentation).

Explaining the science


Our goal is to address theoretical and empirical challenges related to human behaviour through development of innovative, impactful, and responsible approaches. By combining AI, data science, and behavioural science methodologies these approaches will help cities, businesses, charities and individuals better understand why they make the decisions they make, and how they can optimise their behaviour to achieve better economic and social outcomes.

Our ambition is to transform the world by:

  1. Understanding how AI, data science, and behavioural science can form synergies and develop tangible and effective methodologies in order to map, analyse, and help alleviate major behavioural issues societies are facing today
  2. Providing valuable advice to businesses and policy makers about building happier, safer, more successful organisations and communities using behavioural insights
  3. Training new generation of scientists who will work at the forefront of behavioural data science and behavioural artificial intelligence in the future

We work on a number of applications including, but not limited to the following:

  • Unravelling/understanding/quantifying wellbeing
  • Understanding human decision making in real world contexts
  • The interface of cognitive and computational systems
  • Quantitative approaches to measuring behaviour
  • Quantitative approaches to measuring psychological phenomena using big data
  • Cross-cultural and historical psychology
  • Understanding the spatiotemporal dynamics of cognition and behaviour
  • Leverage naturally occurring (online) data for behavioural insights
  • Cybersecurity as a behavioural science

Recent updates


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